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"I’d been two years locked up in hospitals. I was twenty when I got out from Bloomingdale and I met a young man from Harvard who was very attractive in a sort of Ivy League way. And we made love in my grandmother’s apartment and it was terrific, it was just fabulous. That was the first time I ever made love, and I had no inhibitions or anything. It was just beautiful. I didn’t get my period and so I had to tell my doctor. The hospital pass was given to see if you could handle yourself outside. I was terrified to tell him that I thought I was pregnant, but I finally did. I was pregnant. I could get an abortion without any hassle at all, just on the grounds of a psychiatric case. So that wasn’t too good a first experience with lovemaking. I mean it kind of screwed up my head, for one thing. This fellow found out. I was upset … and he asked me, and I said, “I’m pregnant. I’m not going to ask you for anything, so don’t get uptight, but it’s just kind of making me uncomfortable. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do about it.” He split, and I didn’t see him again until the summer had passed and I went to Cambridge for my first free year."

- Edie on getting pregnant after her first sexual experience
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Blake Anderson crowd surfing during Ty’s set at Coachella

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Ivan Nicholson

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