Gerard and Andy playing with the so called Silver Clouds

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Gerard Malanga, Andy Warhol and Lou Reed at Salvation, a West Village disco, photo Tom Monaster 1968


Hollywood & New York stars by Norman Seeff

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     Vinyl was Edie’s first Warhol film. She arrived at the Factory just as Gerard Malanga was doing his little torture job in Vinyl  on Ramsey Hellmann, this runaways kid from Canada. They’d brought in some real sado-masochists to do the number right, with razor blades and candles. They were very serious, with their leather and all that. Edie had come in at the last moment- no rehearsals, nothing. I thought she was going to demolish all the work I had done. Andy propped her up on a huge trunk, smoking a cigarette, and occasionally she flicked her ashes on this boy who was being tortured. She sat there, sort of stretched out, and the camera just went berserk looking at those eyes. The outfit she wore was certainly calculated… she had no breasts, but she had legs that didn’t quit, so why not show everybody the legs all the time? What do you do with legs like that in the middle of winter, I don’t know… freeze to death? 
      The film became like one of those vehicles for a famous star, but it’s somebody else who gets discovered… like Monroe in Asphalt Jungle. She had a five-minute role and everyone came running, “Who’s the blonde?” 
-Ronald Tavel 

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Iggy Pop by Gerard Malanga

NYC sept 1971.

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